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I Know You Know

Earlier this year I blogged about the local music scene. Signs of life are starting to spring up after the heavy blow brought by Covid. Live performers are being brought into Shrewsbury town square every week to entertain shoppers (and there were loads of them on Saturday when I was out looking for birthday presents). The town is coming back to life.

Greg Carter revels in Shrewsbury's abundant greenery in his video for I Know You Know - a feel-good rap track which heaps praise on his girlfriend. We assume it's her who appears in the video, enjoying Carter's rapped adorations while cruising on the meandering Severn. It's a great advert for a town which is consistently named one of the best places to live in the UK.

It's also a banger. The measured impact of Carter's delivery energises the track without undermining its laid-back marimba vibes. The dembow percussion grooves away like the best of them. Musically, it fits the current rap aesthetic, but in its content I Know You Know walks the less-travelled road of heartfelt positivity.

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