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That's Life

I'm really missing the local music scene at the moment. Shropshire isn't exactly a cultural hotspot but there's a lot of under-the-radar talent. And I just love going out to see a band knowing that I'll almost certainly see someone I know in the crowd.

So, while the government are still prohibiting live entertainment in venues, here's a sample of local acts you can enjoy online.

Social Confusion - That's Life

This Oasis-influenced indie track starts off all slow-burn and then rips into a chorus so anthemic it will make you stop eating your snickers.


TEME aren't exactly local but they formed in Ludlow, a picturesque Shropshire town with a reputation for sublime artisan food. TEME's music is just as delicious. Intimate vocals combine stirringly with a rich pallette of organically produced sounds. Fans of Bon Iver should drink this up.

Abi Foster Crowdfunder

Abi is a singer-songwriter who's been working hard on the local scene for a long time and developed a depth of songwriting along the way without losing a bright edge. She's crowdfunding for a new album and backers won't be disappointed.

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1 Comment

Benedict Johnson
Benedict Johnson
Jun 25, 2020

Excellent! Glad to see business in Shropshire is continuing as usual, albeit under the radar

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