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Mistaken identity (Hall of Fame #69)

Für Elise might be the most recognisable piece in the countdown so far (which, by the way, looks set to continue for about 5 years if I don't up the tempo). Wikipedia informs me that the piece was actually most likely written for someone called Therese, whose hand he sought. The change of titular identity is put down to some illegible handwriting on Beethoven's part. The article adds, brutally, "Therese did not want to marry him."

Lang Lang is the performer in my chosen rendition on YouTube, which was sponsored by Steinway & Sons. A premier pianist like Lang Lang might be forgiven for considering himself above a ditty like Für Elise, but he has some kind words to say about it - "I’ve tried to play the piece as the masterpiece that it is." The comments section reflects a similarly positive attitude.

Now, I think it's a great piece, but I've probably heard it too much to be captivated, even by Lang Lang. I actually found the camerawork a bit off-putting too. Too many edits for my liking. But can you hear a better version anywhere else?

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