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This is my song of the year (so far)

I haven't been this excited about a piece of music since I discovered James Taylor (which happened, embarassingly, at the beginning of the year). This time, however, I can be fairly confident you haven't heard the track either.

Spark was released in June 2020 by a skilled duo working in the sub-sub-genre of Christian Jazz Rock. It's the only video you'll find on YouTube bearing that particular hashtag. It might be a surprise then, if Zoetic go on to gain a massive following, but this track demonstrates that they are certainly worthy of mass acclaim.

Emma Voron sings in a refreshingly unaffected style, tackling Spark's playful melodies with an energy that is in no way hampered by her attention to technique. Songwriter Kierstyn St. John takes a similar approach to her keyboard playing - displaying flair without trying to be flashy. Watch out for her solo.

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Benedict Johnson
Benedict Johnson
Jul 23, 2020

Excellent! Now that's what I call a solo - and such a refreshing twist on Christian Jazz Rock This blog is proving to be quite the influence!

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