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Mozart's bangin' tunes (Hall of Fame #77)

It's been a while since I wrote a blog post, mainly because of working on and releasing my own music.

As I returned to Classic FM's top 100 chart, Mozart was predictably there to meet me. This time with his 40th symphony, which I guess he wrote at the age of 6.

Wolfgang must have realised he'd hit on a particularly catchy melody, because it seems like most of the material in the first movement is based on the first four bars. The introductory phrases are certainly the most recognisable, but the whole piece is full of satisfyingly melodic writing. I can see why his penultimate symphony is often regarded as the best.

I'd also forgotten how much I love the comments on YouTube videos of classical music. A few of my favourites on this one: The Self-Congratulatory - i thought this would be amazing to listen to and i was right

The Opaque - I can feel the aesthetics of Mozart with their breathtaking performance

The Critical - I prefer the horns a bit bouncier in the trio

The Original - Nice music!

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