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It's a Hamilton Post!

What's your favourite moment from Hamilton? I could name so many. One Last Time could be my top pick actually - one that didn't hit hard first time round but seems to stir me more each time I hear it. I think it's the way Washington (Chris Jackson) lifts our perspective higher. While Hamilton is driven to work obsessively towards his goal, Washington sees the ending that transcends and makes sense of all their endeavours. He meditates on a biblical image of future peace and restoration, and wants to taste it in his last years on earth.

Plus, as is consistently the case in this musical, the writing is sublime. All the wit and creative flair that saturates each line of lyric and music sets up the simple phrase 'one last time' to resonate with meaning. The cast give this stellar rendition in front of Barack Obama at the White House. My only gripe is that the edit lingers too long on shots of the distinguished audience. Get back to the performers, please.

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Benedict Johnson
Benedict Johnson
10 ago 2020

The best moment in Hamilton is the bit where Hurcules Mulligan bursts out in "Yorktown" Also, any time anyone says "that would be enough" always jerks a well-earned tear.. Also, for someone used to writing a song per week, the prospect of spending 7 years to write 45 songs (amounting to 8 weeks per song) must seem like a trifle : )

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