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Electronic Inspiration

I credit the Playstation game Music 2000 as being the ignition for my music production fascination. The power to sequence loops and samples using just the PS1's controller made it a favourite pastime of my teenage years. I even submitted a GCSE composition that I'd produced on the game, recorded onto casette tape through the TV speakers. The sound quality was terrible - if I can find that tape it'll make great source material for lo-fi beats.

I would never have released an electronic EP though, without the powerhouse that is Ableton Live. Live opens up more creative possibilities than a person can feasibly explore without immense dedication. I began tinkering without any ideas of what electronic music should be like (I listened, almost exclusively, to guitar music). Maybe that's a good thing - to create without preconceived ideas of what is good or correct? I'm certainly glad that I have now discovered electronic artists whose music I love and draw inspiration from. Here are some hand-picked electronic fruits...

Photay - Screens

Alternative, but dance-friendly with killer sound design.

Rone, John Stanier - Brest

Wild, expansive and euphoric, mixing strings with hard-edged synth.

Boards of Canada - Roygbiv

Satisfying hip-hop beats bring the groove in this recent personal discovery.

Disasterpeace - Cascades

This very recent tip-off is taken from the Hyper Light Drifter game soundtrack. This single brooding, ambient track is here to represent all the game soundtracks I've soaked in.

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