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Andy Lowe is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and music producer from leafy Shrewsbury in the UK. Described as "playful and beguiling", Andy's music always tells a story, whether through moody found-sound atmospheres, funky beats, or lovingly crafted lyrics.

Andy's experiments with electronica and found sounds have resulted in three EP projects - Forest Edge (2019), Zhuay Club (2021) and Tales from the Workshop (2021) - the latter a collaboration with Norfolk violinist Sarah Ballard produced remotely during Covid-19 lockdown.

Andy loves to inspire others in creative music-making, which he does through tution, workshops, local events and his YouTube channels.


Andy is also a co-producer of the Auki podcast. Auki takes improvisation and adds an extra layer of gameplay to create entertaining musical surprises, which are created and explored with our special guest musicians.