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Andy Lowe is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and music producer from the verdant town of Shrewsbury, Shropshire. After spending years honing his musical instincts through jazz bands, solo acoustic gigs and directing a gospel choir, Andy released his first EP in 2019. Forest Edge was a culmination of experiments with found sounds, using recordings of his mother-in-law's freezer, his daughter's pre-natal heartbeat, and other sources to create atmospheric textures.


His most recent release, Zhuay Club (2021), takes a similarly playful approach to softsynth composition, infusing a vivid palatte of sounds and harmonies with complex rhythmic energy.


Andy is also a prolific songwriter, influenced by greats like Paul Simon. Through 2019-2020 he recorded a song a week series for his YouTube channel. Among several songs in the classic singer-songwriter vein this series also featured improvisations, electronic music and rap tracks. 


Andy Lowe is a co-producer of the Auki podcast. Auki takes improvisation and adds an extra layer of gameplay to create entertaining musical surprises, which are created and explored with our special guest musicians.